Combat Shock Electrical

Services We Offer

Home Rewires

Full rewires for your home


Certifying existing work is compliant and safe.

Fault Finding

Locating faults in electrical systems and correcting them.

Floor Planning

We’ve all heard how crucial it is to set intentions, goals and targets. Powerful goals electrify us. Clear intentions energize.

Interior Design

At every moment you can tell if the vibration that you are sending is either a positive one or a negative one by identifying.

Why choose us?

Saving money – is something we would all like to do. Whether you are struggling to manage day to day or earning a six figure salary, saving is something we all think about.

Fully Compliant

Our electricians hold the required certifications to complete the work we undertake.


Quick service to get the job done.


Well-known in Lancashire, Blackpool and Preston.


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Straight on the other end of the phone for enquiries and support.



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